Morrissey to detail plans for his political future next week – Virginia Politics



So Morressey may run for Richmond Mayor or for the 16th Virginia Senate seat, while a convicted felon runs for Morressey’s old seat in the 74th House District, apparently with Morressey’s blessing.  The 16th has only a small foot print in Prince George County, but the 16th is one of our two state senate districts.

Morrissey to detail plans for his political future next week – Virginia Politics.

PG Dems Meeting on April 2


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Many candidates vying for nominations in the June 9 Democratic primary are likely to be in attendance at the meeting. Sheila Bynum Coleman, announced candidate for the 62nd Virginia House District, and Senator Rosalyn Dance, 16th Virginia Senate District, will be at the meeting. Both were on the agenda for the March meeting which had to be canceled due to inclement weather.

We may also have a presentation from the Resolutions Committee, Chaired by Pete Washington. The committee has been working on language for a Single Member Voting Resolution to be adopted by the Prince George Democratic Committee.

The PG Dems meet at 5:30 p.m., at the Prince George Social Services (Bldg #12), 2450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex. Meetings are open to the public, are non-smoking, and the building and 1st Floor Meeting Room are ADA accessible.

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Petersburg school board member Muse seeking House nomination – Virginia Politics

As the political season commences candidates are emerging seeking nomination for the 63 Virginia House District Seat formerly held by now Senator Rosalyn Dance, 16th Virginia Senate District.  This article regarding Atiba Muse appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning (March 17th).

Petersburg school board member Muse seeking House nomination – Virginia Politics.

It is believed that a woman named Gerry Rawlinson also plans to or has announced for the same seat and it is believed there are other candidates in the wings.

Primary Likely in 16th VA Senate District


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This article ‘Preston sought judicial appointment before challenging Dance’ was front page on the Richmond Times Dispatch today. Yesterday the PG Dems had posted Senator Dance’s press release announcing her bid for reelection to the 16th Virginia Senate. When that press release was posted it was unknown that Delegate Preston had formally announced for the seat.  According to the article in today’s paper he announced somewhere on Monday that he would run against Senator Dance in the June primary.

This Blog represents the Prince George Democratic Committee and the Committee must be neutral as to Democratic primary candidates through the primary process, but your comments on any posts or articles cited are invited, provided they are polite and do not demean the character or misstate the record of a fellow Democrat.

Prince George BOS Finds No Agreement on District 2 Interim Appointment


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The Board dealt with the issue of the the vacant District 2 seat for only about 30 minutes at its March 9 Budget Work Session.  The three nominees named last night were Bill Elliott, Marlene Waymack, and Sheila Minor. Note the absence of Reid Foster as a nominee.  If the Board cannot find a compromise candidate or that third vote cannot be found for Waymack or Minor then the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court will make the decision.  None of the 13 contenders are out of it yet.

There is a regular Board of Supervisors meeting tonight. Work session begins at 6 p.m. County Admin Building, third floor.

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Board of Supervisors to Revisit Appointment to District 2 Vacancy — March 9 at 6 p.m.


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Board to take up tabled action regarding appointment of District 2 Interim Supervisor:

Prince George County Virginia SealNone of the three nominees received three votes at the March 3rd consideration of appointment to fill the District 2 vacancy on an interim basis.  The March 4th post outlines the nominees and votes.

It is possible that during the intervening week as one Supervisor or another has attempted to persuade one of the other Supervisors to support his candidate, efforts may have been made to search out a compromise candidate from the nine other interested citizens.

One source has indicated that the 9 remaining contenders are not out of the running.

Plan to attend the budget session on March 9 (Monday) at 6 p.m. at the BOS meeting room.  Watch democracy in action.


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