Precinct Captains/Workers Training


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Training for Precinct Captains & Volunteers

One hour-ish training will be provided for Precinct Captains and outside poll volunteers on Tuesday, October 16 at 5:30 pm, at the Prince George Library in the small conference room.  We will answer your questions, make suggestions, and tell some good stories.  Contact Carol Woodward by Facebook Messenger, at twitter @CarolDWoodward, or at

Have a family member not registered to vote?

Actually, do you know anyone who isn’t registered to vote? You may not know unless you ask. Today is the last day to register to vote or update registration information such as an address or name change. You can do it online at or at the Prince George General Registrar’s office on the 2nd Floor South of the Prince George County Administration Building, 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George.

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PG Dems meet tonight, thurs oct 4


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Join the pgdems oct 4 at 6 for updates on:

  • volunteer opportunities with the Kaine and McEachin campaigns
  • volunteer opportunities with Local Democratic Committees
  • upcoming training for Precinct Captains and precinct workers
  • status of the court ordered redistricting of Virginia house seats in our area
  • Hopewell Blue Wave Rally this Saturday at Guncotton Coffee Shop at 2pm
  • deadline for registering to vote or changing registration information -Oct 15

Committee Kaine Signs are in:

By the time of the meeting at the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive, our sign order for the Kaine signs should have been delivered. Priority will go to providing each precinct with signs for election day. But there will be additional signs available, perhaps for a small donation.

PrinceGeorgeandHopewellDems 081818 Community Day Thorne

Virginia GOP Files Appeal

Speaker Kirk Cox files appeal to US Supreme Court:

Articles in both the Times-Dispatch and in the Progress-Index noted that the Virginia

KirkCox (2)

Speaker of the VA House of Delegates

The Republican House of Delegates has filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) primarily on the theory that there is a conflict of decisions among the districts of the federal courts.  This appeal was filed when the Eastern District of Virginia court declined to delay the date for the redrawing of the 11 gerrymandered districts. New maps must be drawn by October 30 under the decision by the Eastern District. The redrawn districts would be in effect in the 2019 elections. According to Bill Atkinson’s article in the Progress-Index, the style of the appeal is “Virginia House of Delegates, M. Kirkland Cox v. Golden Bethune-Hill. Cox is the Speaker, aka, the face of the House of Delegates.

Following on the Times-Dispatch article is the column by Jeff Shapiro which delves into the inherent partisan protectionism practiced by both parties. Many of us advocate for a bipartisan redistricting process, this coming from a yellow dog Democrat.

Note that links have been provided to two of the articles, but access to the articles, when you click, will depend on your paywall or subscription status. The writer could not find the link to the Progress-Index article.

As an aside, if you love democracy, support the press by being a subscriber. Journalism is of ultimate value to democracy (note the little “d”). Paying for journalism and actually voting are the two minimum passports of citizenship.

Dems Redistricting Plan Filed:

Special Redistricting Session Today:

At the special General Session called by Gov. Northam today, the members will be considering the proposed eleven redrawn districts as required by the federal court.  The GOP doesn’t want to play ball as they are still hoping for a delay in the court imposed deadline of October 30, or hoping that the SCOTUS will overturn the decision of the 3 judge panel.

If the redistricting is accomplished it will be in effect in the 2019 election, in which every Virginia House of Delegate and Senate seat will be elected.

In our area, in particular, the 62nd, 63rd, 64th, and 65th Virginia House Districts are directly affected. Delegate Lamont Bagby has filed the Democratic plan for redrawing the districts in HB7001. Just click on the link. The proposed redrawn districts are handled in separate paragraphs and are easy to read.

Lashcrese Aird with Tyrone WilliamsCurrently, Delegate Lashrecse Aird is our only Democratic House of Delegate Member for our area representing the 63rd House District.  Here she is captured at a recent Democratic event for Senator Rosalyn Dance of the 16th Virginia Senate District. Here she is pictured with Tyrone Williams, a fellow member of the 4th Congressional District Committee.


Prince George Dems meet next week September 6th:

Join the Prince George Democrats at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive in the Government Complex. Visitors welcome. Consider joining and helping. Precinct workers are needed as well as voter registration volunteers, outreach volunteers at various booths.

The Democratic Party of Virginia Meeting on September 8th!

The Steering Committee of DPVA will meet on the evening of September 7th. This is essentially the executive committee of the Virginia Democrats. The governing body which is the Central Committee will meet on September 8th at the Sun Trust Building, 919 East Main Street, 4th Floor Auditorium at 10am. Visitors are welcome and can observe the meetings of both bodies. Here is the full 2018 Quarter 3 Weekend Agenda – Google Docs.

Redistricting for 2019:


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August 30 – Special Session of the General Assembly:

Governor Northam has ordered a special session on August 30. The purpose for this session is to redraw certain districts created by the Republicans in 2011 to protect red districts by creating minority majority districts.  The court declared those districts unconstitutional and ordered redrawn districts by October 30, 2018 to be in effect in the 2019 elections.

The Election Results in 2019 are critical for Democrats:

All Virginia House of Delegates and Senate seats will be up for election in 2019. The Virginia legislators elected in 2019 will be the legislators who control Census redistricting in 2021. If the Republicans remain in the majority in the General Assembly, they will continue in their efforts to redraw districts that will dilute and restrict the votes of Democrats, progressives, independents, minorities, women, anyone they view as the enemies of their ultra-conservative agenda.

Learn More about Redistricting:


Visit which has been advocating for bipartisan redistricting in Virginia.  It has a free Advocacy training on September 15, 2018 in Alexandria, Virginia.  It is a free training, but One Virginia 2021 is a nonprofit and would appreciate a donation, whether you plan to attend the training or not.  You can register for the training HERE.

PG Democrats spread the word

A small crew made a decided impact:

Prince George Democrats set up and staffed a booth at the Community Day hosted by the Hopewell Democratic Committee on Saturday, August 18th at the Starlight Elks Lodge at 1505 High Street.

Pete Washington PG Dems Vice Chair supplied tables and chairs.  Committee Chair Carroll Briggs and Randy Goertz set up for the event with Carroll’s 10 x 10 awning.

Staffing the booth through the morning were Committee Treasurer, Juanita Thorne, Denya Hankerson, one of the Committee’s members on the Prince George Electoral Board, and Carroll Briggs, of course.

At the booth, visitors had the opportunity to register to vote, order Democratic Polo Shirts, get PG Dems membership information, and pick up information on the Constitutional Amendments which will be on the ballot this November.

Some highlights of the day were when Senator Rosalyn Dance (Virginia Senate District 16) and our local co-ordinated campaign organizer, Rhett Deitz each visited the booth.

Booth at Hopewell Dems Community Day 081818 (2)

From left Denya Hankerson, Juanita Thorne, Senator Rosalyn Dance, and Carroll Briggs.

Prince George BOS Retreat

Board of Supervisors Retreat Tonight, July 31st

A reminder that the Prince George Board of Supervisors (BOS) will hold a retreat this evening beginning at 5 pm to discuss various planning matters including schools, utilities, and growth planning.

Prince George County Virginia Seal

The Retreat will be held at the Central Wellness Center (old JEJ Moore School), 11033 Prince George Drive, Disputanta, 23842. The meeting is open to the public, but there is not the usual public comment period which is part of the regular meeting agenda of the BOS.

The Agenda can be found at this link.

Things looking good for #VA DEMS


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8th VA House District to have a special election:

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Saturday, July 28th, “Republican Habeeb to leave Va. House” (A2),  on August 31st.  This will necessitate a special election. The 62nd Virginia House District is a hugely red district which includes Salem, Craig County, and parts of Roanoke and Montgomery counties. Yes, it would be a tough haul for a Democratic candidate, but we all know that thanks to the current resident of the White House, there are cracks opening up in many solid red districts.

Riley Ingram to not run for re-election?

The last paragraph of the same article noted that Riley Ingram had indicated to the RTD


Sheila Bynum-Coleman

that he will not run for re-election in 2019. Sheila Bynum-Coleman took well over 40% of the vote in her last run against Riley. Has anyone talked with her? Is she planning on running a third time?  The third time is a charm and it is time for the 62nd Virginia House District to vote blue!

The link for the article referred may not work for you depending on whether you subscribe to the RTD or where you are in relation to its paywall. Go buy a copy, better yet subscribe to either physical delivery of the RTD or to its digital access.

Prince George Dems meet next on Thursday, August 2.

Looks like we’ll have lots to talk about. We meet at the Prince George Human Service Building, 6450 Administration Drive, 1st Floor meeting room, Prince George Government Complex at 6 p.m.

Prince George Dems meet on July 12


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Meeting Thursday night, July 12!

Remember that we changed our usual meeting night this month from July 5th to July 12th at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive in the Prince George Government Complex.

We expect to update the Committee on our new and exciting shirt design. We will have a visit from Rhett Deitz, the Coordinated Campaign Field Organizer, and information on upcoming events.

Share the word so we have a super turnout.