Thank you, John Oliver


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The comedian, John Oliver, had his end of season program last week after the election and brought me out of my doldrums.  His advice … basically to get ou of our bubbles. Subscribe to some real newspaprers so that we get information rather than just memes. A favorite of this writer is The Guardian, owned and published by the Scotland Trust.

He also urges that we donate our time and our treasure to organizations representing groups and causes that will be at risk under this atavistic administration.  Some of his suggestions were:

ProPublica- a non profit dedicated to real journalism.

Planned Parenthood

Center for Reproductive Rights

Natural  Ressources Defense Council

International Refugee Assistance Project

The Trevor Project

Mexican American Legal Defense Fund

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

and others, organizations you respect and have vetted.

Please vett and reply with any organizations you can recommend.

And don’t forget the Democratic Party of Virginia which has caucuses related to veterans, Latino, Asian and Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ, women, business owners, labor, and so on.

We are ‘Stronger Together’.



29 days and counting


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Yes, it is less than a month when we must elect Hillary Clinton as our President. Everyone, everyone should be doing their share to  make that happen.  Go door to door, phone bank. Ask people what their plans to vote are.  If you have one of the qualifying reasons to vote absentee, do it.  This writer voted about two weeks ago because she will be a poll observer.

Yes, 29 days and counting … but the deadline to register to vote is much, much sooner. That is Monday, October 17.  Go online or to your registrar’s office to register to vote if you are not already registered.  Also be sure if you are registered to check the accuracy of your registration information.

If you haven’t already registered to vote, you can do so at this nifty Harvest Festival on October 14th.  All are welcome.  Register to vote and have some fun.

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33 days and counting


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Time is flying …

As usual at this time of the year time gets too short to get everything done … hence the late update to this blog.  Hopefully,  you have gotten our notices from our Facebook page, if not,  why not visit it and ‘like’ it and get updated automatically when we post.

doris-crouse-maysAnyway, we do meet tonight, October 6th at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive in the Prince George Government Complex.  We will have yard signs for a $5 donation and, some sample ballots, and a special speaker, Doris Crouse-Mayes, President of the Virginia AFL-CIO.  She will speak to us about the important Constitutional Question on the ballot.  The Democratic Party of Virginia has resolved that all Democrats should vote NO on this question.  Doris will explain more a the meeting.

Need more information on the meeting contact Carol Woodward at

48 days and counting


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The dems buzz in Prince George, VA …

Presidential visit:  POTUS will be visiting Ft. Lee on September 28th to thank the military and all that they do. According to the RTD the event is closed to the public, but maybe our Chair will lPOTUS and Me0001 (160x106)earn more in the next few days.  The President last visited Prince George in 2012 when he made a stop to speak about innovation at the Rolls Royce Operation in the county.  Then Chair, Carol Woodward had the opportunity to have her picture taken with the President.  Maybe the current chair, Cynthia Mitchell, will have the same good luck! Click RTD Article on POTUS Ft. Lee visit

Sample Ballot:  A visit to the Registrar’s office and we found this nifty sample ballot for Prince George.  According to the General Registrar, Katherine Tyler, it is the first time in at least a decade that there has been only one ballot for the entire county.

Click prince-george-sample-ballot to print your own.  Note that you should print on the front and back on one sheet of paper.  Print in any color except  white or yellow.  Try Pete Washington’s favorite color … pink🙂

Note the two Constitutional Questions on the ballot.  The Democratic Party of Virginia has passed resolutions taking a “No” position on question 1 and a “Yes” position on question 2.  More about these Constitutional Questions will be addressed later and at the meetings of the PG Dems.

Phone Bank Continues:  We continue to Phone Bank every Thursday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex.  Come for all or part of the phone bank.  You’ll have a good time.

Stay Connected: find us on Facebook at and on twitter @pgdems

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Dems Without Borders, Delegate Aird, Senator Dance-Stronger Together


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Voter Mobilization Event

Share, learn, act

Turn out on September 19th at 6 pm at Union Station in Petersburg to be sure to have the i s dotted, the t s crossed, and have the deadlines in mind to be the most informative advocates in your neighborhood on the General Election on November 8th.


phone bank tonight extended hours


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Breaking news from the PG Dems

HillarymemeTonight we begin our extended hours of phone banking on Thursday nights.  We’ll phone bank from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  Just grab a sammie on your way home from work and bring it, your phone, yourself to 6450 Administration Drive (Prince George Human Services Building) 1st Floor Community Meeting Room.

No time to grab a sandwich?  We’ll have some snacks there and water.  But feel free to bring your own refreshments or some you’d like to share.  Know anyone who might donate some sandwiches, brownies, or cookies for us?  If not tonight then on one of our future Thursday night phone banks?  We phone bank every Thursday night until Election Day, November 8th.

Some suggestions:

Earbuds/headphones –It is much easier to call on your cell phone if you have Sen McEachin 1 (2)earbuds/earphones so you can escape holding the phone to your ear for extended periods

Fear of call backs on your phone — don’t be. Explain you were calling to encourage support for Democrats.  The caller will be friendly or not, just say thanks for following up and hang up

Fear of not knowing what to say — it might be stiff at first, but you’ll get a briefing in the beginning about our goals for the evening. After two or three calls it will be old hat.  You are a grown up. You know how to talk on the phone.

veepIf you heard Trump in the Town Hall last night then you know we cannot allow this man to come close to the White House.  You can help keep him in his New Your penthouse with the gold plated faucets or in his reality TV offices.  Are you IN?

Want more info –call or text  Carol 804-691-8486 or email at

May the force be with you … with us.



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PG Dems Meet Thursday Night 6 pm


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Join us at our regular meeting Thursday night at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive in the Prince George Government Complex.  We’ll hold our update / business meeting for about an hour +/- and then join the Democratic Party Organizer and interns in phone banking.  It is a lot of fun.  Last Thursday night we had at least 25 people hitting the phone, had a great time doing it, and had the pleasure of State Senator Donald A. McEachin dropping by to thank us for our efforts.


In the meeting portion we will be voting on the membership applications of Nathaniel Dozier, Geneva Taylor, and Eula Moore.  We have an application from Mary Gromovsky for Associate Membership and though we don’t (or at least haven’t voted on Associate membership) we hope you will give Mary a warm welcome as well.

We’ll update you on our weekly phone banking, our activities at the Back to School Fair,Cynthia & Lilian Back To School Fair2 our outreach to the faith community, our voter registration efforts and many other activities of the Committee and it members.  We will also update all on our progress securing outreach workers for the precincts on election day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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The election is November 8th.  By simple math that is 74 days away.  Do you have a plan on how to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket?  The very first thing to do is to double check your address and confirm your voting location.  To be sure the registrar has your correct address go to and check it for yourself. is the easy to use voter portal on the State Board of Elections web site.  It was designed with you and me in mind.

2016-08-262016-08-26 (1)

After you have confirmed your address and voting place help your family and friends do the same.

Then observe some of the deadlines.  What needs to happen by when to insure that those who want to vote are eligible to vote.  Everywhere you go, ask those you encounter whether they have registered to vote.  Even asking the question plants the seed.  The date to register to vote or to update an existing registration is October 17, 2016.  That date is just around the corner.