Interested in filing for local offices?


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2017 Local Elections in Prince George County

Prince George County Virginia SealTwo Board of Supervisor and two School Board seats will be on the ballot in the November 2017 general election.  There will be one of each elected from District 1 and District 2. These offices are in addition to state elections, including the gubernatorial election.  More about state elections will be published shortly.

If you are interested in running as a candidate for one of those local government seats, this Local Candidate Bulletin will spell out the required documents, costs, if any, and filing deadlines.

Reeve Ashcraft has already announced publically that he will not run for school board re-election from district 2 and it is assumed that Bill Robertson will run for re-election for the District 2 Board of Supervisor seat.  Bill Robertson identifies as a Republican and school board members run as non-partisan, though Reeve Ashcraft identifies as a Republican.



McEachin town hall draws crowd of supporters – News – The Progress-Index – Petersburg, VA

The Progress-Index scooped this article.  The Richmond Times-Dispatch did not cover the event.  At least, there was no article in today’s RTD about Congressman McEachin’s town hall at Demolition Coffee.

A number of Prince George Dems were there … Cynthia Mitchell, Carroll Briggs, Tammie Miller-Jennings, Robert Woodward, Carol Woodward, and probably others that were obscured by the standing room only crowd.

The usual issues were raised; immigration reform, healthcare, environmental protection, and issues important to locality leaders as well.

He urged folks to take all methods available to present their positions to their congressional leaders.  Phone calls to legislators are particularly effective, even if you own legislator already supports your position and even if the particular legislator is not your representative.  In essence, he said that now all issues are up to the boss and we (voters, citizens) are the boss.

His second most critical remark (to this observer) was that protection of the environment was the number one issue of the 21st century because without the Earth, nothing else matters.

Region’s residents express dismay with Trump administration policies

Source: McEachin town hall draws crowd of supporters – News – The Progress-Index – Petersburg, VA

In Charlottesville, GOP candidate for governor Corey Stewart allies with alt-right-inspired blogger who wants to protect ‘glorious Western civilization’ | Virginia |

This Richmond Times Dispatch about a group in Charlottesville demonstrates the type of mentality that now feels safe coming out of the woodwork.  I am glad they are coming out into the open. Now we can resist them.

CHARLOTTESVILLE — After defending Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and calling for the ouster of an African-American official who had posted offensive tweets about women and white people, Republican gubernatorial

Source: In Charlottesville, GOP candidate for governor Corey Stewart allies with alt-right-inspired blogger who wants to protect ‘glorious Western civilization’ | Virginia |

The General Assembly Continues


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We recently directed you to the helpful website for the General Assembly.  Among the great things you can find there are listings of the House of Delegates Members and the Senators with their contact points.  These screen shots show you what is available and note that Delegate Air’s and Senator Dance’s contact information is displayed in the screen shots though they are hard to read here.  Visit the website, please.

These screen shots are only an example of the treasure trove of useful information available at your fingertips.  Visit the website by clicking on the link above.



Jesse Ferguson column: The resistance starts in Richmond – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Guest-columnists

This opinion piece puts our next steps as Democrats in perspective.  We have work to do, but it is possible to have an influence on the work of Republicans to suppress the vote, limit women’s health care access, and limit opportunity to those already at the very top of the economic ladder.  Friends we must protect America.

Last Friday, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States of America. Gulp. I spent two years working on the effort to make sure this wouldn’t happen. We failed. Sigh.

Source: Jesse Ferguson column: The resistance starts in Richmond – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Guest-columnists

Virginia General Assembly Convenes


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The General Assembly will be back in session later today

Among the newest state senate members will be Jennifer McClellan, who was formerly a member of the Virginia House of Delegates.  As of the special election yesterday she now represents the Virginia 9th Senate District.  You may remember that Donald McEachin was elected to the U. S. House from the 4th District in November.

Keep up with the big doings of the General Assembly

Did you know you can learn who your representatives are, their committee assignments, bills they are sponsoring, and many other things on the General Assembly website?  You can track bills and resolutions by number or by keyword.  Check it out.

Delegate Aird and Senator Dance represent part of Prince George in the in General Assembly

Whether or not you are in their districts, they want to hear from you about any question or issue you would like to raise.



Senator Dance

Senator Rosalyn Dance



Are there any bills or issues in which you are particularly interested?  Let us hear from you here or on our Prince George Dems facebook page or Prince George Dems & Friends facebook group.


The activism continues



indivisibleClick on Indivisible,  which is the 26-page practical guide created by former progressive congressional staffers for continuing engagement with our political process. Our roles as Democrats and as citizens is to advocate meaningfully in the legislative and executive branch arenas at both the federal and state level.

We encourage you to save it to your hard drives, put it on USB drives to share with others, print, study, and use it to inform you own advocacy, both individually and it groups, to work for what is good for America and your fellow citizens regardless of their self-defined political identities.

Access to health care, social security, medicare, protection from foreign and domestic terrorists, protection of our environment, and educating our youth to the best of our abilities are not partisan issues.



Time to saddle up


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Time to get back into the political groove.

Legislative Town Hall Jan 3

Tonight, January 3, at 6 pm, Delegate Lashrecse Aird and Senator Rosalyn Dance are holding a legislative town hall in Prince George at the Prince George Library.  They are going to give us a preview of what they see coming during the legislative session, but they also want to hear from Prince George residents about issues that should be addressed in the General Assembly session.



PG Dems Regular Monthly Business Meeting Jan 5

The Prince George Dems will meet at their regular time, 6 pm, in the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive in the First Floor Community Room.  Dues are due ($15 per person) for the 2017-18 calendar year.  A representative of the Justin Fairfax Campaign plans to be present.  Justin is running for Lieutenant Governor. For dues please bring exact payment or feel free to pay by check.

See you tonight and on the 5th.