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The election is November 8th.  By simple math that is 74 days away.  Do you have a plan on how to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket?  The very first thing to do is to double check your address and confirm your voting location.  To be sure the registrar has your correct address go to and check it for yourself. is the easy to use voter portal on the State Board of Elections web site.  It was designed with you and me in mind.

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After you have confirmed your address and voting place help your family and friends do the same.

Then observe some of the deadlines.  What needs to happen by when to insure that those who want to vote are eligible to vote.  Everywhere you go, ask those you encounter whether they have registered to vote.  Even asking the question plants the seed.  The date to register to vote or to update an existing registration is October 17, 2016.  That date is just around the corner.

Petersburg mayor calls his critics ‘racists’ and ‘Republican supporters’ – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Petersburg

What next, Petersburg?

In his email, Mayor W. Howard Myers urges council members to stay focused and not give in to public pressure from what he considers a small but vocal minority.

Source: Petersburg mayor calls his critics ‘racists’ and ‘Republican supporters’ – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Petersburg

Nerd alert: Reading is good for your health –

Do we have reading lists anymore?

I have always know this.  When I was growing up in the Arkansas Ozarks, reading was my refuge from the present and a passport for my future.  Somewhere I had acquired a list of 100 books (I think it was 100) every college bound student should read.  I made it through most of the list, though I had to reread some of the titles when I was considerably older to really understand them.

My failing now is that I don’t read much fiction.  Biography, history, political and social commentary, and other non-fiction genre fill my reading time as limited as it is.

I need to give this some thought.  Really, I am not sure I am reading as much as I used to.

Let’s come back at another time and consider what we read and why.

Reading fiction isn’t merely escapism, it can improve your emotional intelligence and lead to having a happier and healthier life.

Source: Nerd alert: Reading is good for your health –


OK, we are less than 90 days from the election.  Are you registered to vote?  Are your family members, neighbors, and friends registered to vote?  Can they, you, get to the polls on election day?  Do you and those you know have a plan for voting.

There are many resources to help you and yours get ready for the election on November 8.

The State Board of Elections is accessible at  In the Citizen Portal on that page you can register to vote, update your address, and many other wonderful things. The instructions are easy to follow and the site comes up very clearly on smart phone and on tablets.2016-08-13 (2)

2016-08-13 (3)

On Line Registration

The State Board of Elections also has a facebook page, yes, facebook.  It is not all fishing trips, vacations, and cute puppies, you know.  Visit

How else can your register?  Go to your local General Registrar’s Office or come by the Prince George Dems phone bank  on Thursday nights from 6pm to 8pm.  We have registration forms available. Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, County Government Complex.

in the 100 day stretch to election day


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The Ticket

This is not news at this point that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are the elected HillarymemeDemocratic nominees for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency.  They are now on a bus swing through Pennsylvania and Ohio to reach out to people who have been hit hard by the changes in economy.  If you have family or friends in those states, please be sure to reach out to them and show them the Hillary you support.  In fact all of us should begin our family and friends phone trees, email lists, and facebook groups to support our candidate. Encourage them to support her and to vote … vote … vote.

Restoration of Rights

By now you know that the Virginia Supreme Court struck down Governor’s McAuliffe’s blanket restoration of rights for certain categories of former felons.  Reading the Richmond Times Dispatch of Saturday, July 30, the Gov’s plan is to issue individual restoration of rights orders for each of the 12,800 Virginians who had registered to vote pursuant to the Executive Order.  Each of those individuals will receive a restoration order in the mail and possibly a voter registration form in the same mailing.  Those individuals will need to register to vote again.

Voter Registration Challenges

The Chesterfield Registrar was recently quoted at length in the Richmond Times Dispatch urging people to not register to vote with people who just walk up to them or have voter registration booths at community events.  His statement essentially was essentially that voter registrations would be crumpled up and discarded if not of party favored by the people registering the new voters.

Think of how you personally want to handle this as you register voters.  In our view it is2012-05-05 10.45.12 better to be clear that though we represent the Democratic Party, that we are devoted to full voter participation in the electoral process. We can also have the Registrar names, locations, and phone numbers handy to share with skeptical people so they can go into their respective registrar’s offices to register in person.  The other alternative is for possible registrants  to register online either at home or at any DMV office.

What are you thoughts about how to proceed?


Prince George Dems will meet on Thursday, August 4, at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex.  Phone banking will follow the meeting.

The Prince George Democratic Committee also phone banks and does voter registration out of the same location from 6 to 8 pm every Thursday.  Curious.  Come visit.





Petersburg as a town of Chesterfield? ‘No such plans,’ says mayor – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Central Virginia News

The reversion of Petersburg could have an enormous impact on Prince George County, VA.  Good or bad or both … it is an intriguing prospect.

As Petersburg struggles to overcome its ongoing financial crisis, city leaders are exploring a variety of strategies to close the $7.5 million budget gap for the fiscal year that started July 1.

Source: Petersburg as a town of Chesterfield? ‘No such plans,’ says mayor – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Central Virginia News

What if …?


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This guest OpEd in the Times-Dispatch in May 2016 raises intriguing questions about what might have been after the Civil War.  The racism which underwrote secession, black codes, Jim Crow, and current racial dynamics flavors American politics today.  What if …?

via Lincoln, Douglass, and Lee: a lost opportunity for the South – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Guest-columnists

Thoughts, please?

If we don’t stop shooting…


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What else matters if we don’t stop shooting each other?

Writing this in the aftermath of at least two more killings of black men by police and the slaughter of police in Dallas by a black man.

We can do so much for society if we get on a path of regulating more expertly who may have access to guns and how we train and expect of police in terms of professional and safe conduct.

Those are the obvious regulatory approaches.

Underlying that, though, are our individual and personal feelings towards those ‘different’ from ourselves and how we conduct ourselves to bestow respect on other human beings.

Using the term ‘different’ is difficult.  People of various colors, religions, heights, weights, are not ‘different’ from each other.  We are all one specie, homo sapiens.  We vary is some of the values listed and we may have different cultural and historical experiences, but today, now, at this moment, if we meet we are equals. We are all examples of one mankind.

What happens next?  We decide.

text Disarm Hate to 64433

Add your voice to some sensible gun regulation to expand background checks when purchasing weapons at gun shows and on the internet and to bar people on no fly watch list from purchasing weapons. Text ‘Disarm Hate’ to 64433.  Virginia residents also call Senators Kaine and Warner to urge them to support such measures.  We know they do, but sometimes they need documentation that these are positions taken by their constituents.  The best number to call Senator Kaine is at his Richmond office 804-771-2221 and contact Senator Warner’s Constituent Rep, Eldon Burton, at 804-775-2314.  All you have to do is state your opinion and give your name.  How hard is that?


On Tuesday voters pick Democratic and Republican nominees for Congress in 4th District – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia Politics


“See this Times-Dispatch article about State Senator A. Donald McEachin have won the Democratic nomination for the 4th CD.  We will be sure to turn this redrawn district into a Democratic district.”

Virginians in parts of the Richmond area, Hampton Roads and the western part of the state will head to the polls Tuesday to choose nominees to run for Congress in November.

Source: On Tuesday voters pick Democratic and Republican nominees for Congress in 4th District – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia Politics


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