Short stories from Bland Precinct doors


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Saturday, September 9th, six of us knocked on doors in the 62nd and the 64th Virginia House districts for the Coordinated Campaign.  It was one of those classic mild, lovely blue-sky days that September can be known for.  As Monday is September 11th, it is well to remember that day in 2001 when our culture took on an indelible memory.

For a very short period following that fateful day, we were ALL New Yorkers and we were ALL Americans.  We really are still ALL Americans and ALL New Yorkers, and All Houstonians, and All Floridians.  Hopefully our hearts, regardless of party affiliation, will help us embrace ‘Dreamers’ and others, willingly or not, who braved the elements to live, work, and raise families in the United States.

I actually was reminded of September 11, 2001 as I canvassed (knocked on doors) in the Bland precinct on the 9th.  Some short stories …

We met an Army Reserve voter who loves the electoral process, Democrats, working the polls, and serving her country. In short, she loves Democracy and the American way of life. “Serve, don’t complain, get ‘er done.” She is very interested in the candidacies of Rebecca Colaw for the 64th Virginia House District and Ralph Northam for Governor, as both are veterans.  They have proven their commitment to service to her.

We met an avowed “conservative’ who is tired of labels and wishes that politicians after elected, would become issue oriented and work diligently across the aisle to solve problems.  During elections, he doesn’t trust anything the candidates say because they will say whatever they think will get them elected.

We met a voter who had moved back to her parents home with her children to help her father through cancer treatment, but who wants to phone bank and help the Democratic candidates get elected.

We met another avowed “conservative” weary of teachers teaching to the SOLs and not teaching how to calculate math problems, how to parse sentences, how to read history and put it into context. He doesn’t blame the teachers … he blames progressives … which we took to mean Democrats. But he opined that both parties need to get back to basics and work to solve real life problems facing citizens and communities.

There are more stories from that day, but we met a cross section of people … all polite, all conversational to some degree.

Come out and learn some of these stories for yourself.

We phone bank for Democratic candidates on Tuesday nights from 5 to 8 at the Prince George Human Services Building and we canvass (door to door) Thursdays from 5 to 8 (meeting at the Scott Park Pavilion) and on Saturdays in blocks at 9, 12, & 3.  Select a Phone Bank or a Canvass and show up.  We are a team.

For more info contact Carol Woodward.  Messenger at Carol Dois Woodward, dm twitter @caroldwoodward, email, voice or text 804-691-8486.

Photos above include Cynthia Mitchell (L), Ruth Anderson, and Melody Oliphant, Field Organizer for the Coordinated Campaign.

This blog is authorized by and the site is paid for by the Prince George Democratic Committee.


PG Dems gearing up for election day


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Image 9-8-17 at 12.41 PM

Be an action hero:

The PG Dems met on Thursday, September 7th and committed to being engaged in the 2017 election:


  • election of statewide offices
    • Governor Ralph Northam
    • Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax
    • Attorney General Mark Herring
  • election of House of Delegates members
    • Sheila Bynum-Coleman, 62nd
    • Lashrecse Aird, 63rd
    • Rebecca S. Colaw, 64th
  • local elections
    • BOS District 1
      • Floyd Brown Jr
    • BOS District 2
      • no endorsement
    • School Board District 1
      • no endorsement
    • School Board District 2
      • Leila Holmes
    • County Treasurer
      • No Endorsement


  • Donate
  • Phone Bank
  • Canvass (door to door)
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Phone trees
  • address envelopes/postcards
  • stamps


  • Now!

Contact Carol Dois Woodward  for more info & to join the team:

  • 804-691-8486 voice & text







Prince George Dems Meet on the 7th

Only 62 days until the election:

Don’t you want to be involved supporting Democratic nominees for office?  The first step may be to come to come to the Prince George Dems meeting on Thursday, September 7th at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building at 6450 Administration Drive, in the first-floor meeting room.  This building in ADA accessible, smoke-free, and there is even guest wifi.

Contact Carol Woodward by messenger or at

70 Days til the election


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It’s time to get the buzz on …

Enough excuses already!  Sure you have all said

  1. I’m tired of politics
  2. I don’t like politics
  3. It is summer
  4. It is summer
  5. It is summer
  6. Wait til after Labor Day
  7. My vote doesn’t count
  8. There is nothing I can do
  9. I have to wash my hair
  10. All of the above

Every election matters …

From dog catcher to Presidential every elected official in some way affects the everyday lives of everyday people.

This year we are electing the Governor (Ralph Northam), Lieutenant Governor (Justin Fairfax) and Attorney General (Mark Herring) … all in statewide races.

Every House of Delegate (HOD) member is up for election.  In Prince George we have

three HOD districts:  The 62nd has the Democratic nominee Sheila Bynum-Coleman challenging a 30+ year Republican incumbent.  In the 63rd Democratic incumbent, Lashrecse Aird, is unopposed, but she still needs to hear from her constituents and needs their support.  The Democratic Nominee for the 64th HOD district is Rebecca S. Colaw, a 20 year Air Force Veteran who deployed in wartime and now a practicing attorney and horsewoman.  Rebecca is running against a Republican newcomer who owns a wine shop. There is no incumbent.   It is clear from the demographics that both Shelia and Rebecca can handily win their districts … if we do our part!

We also have a number of local elections for the staggered terms in District 1 & 2 for the

Leila Holmes

Leila Holmes

School Board and the Board of Supervisors.  Two of our Committee members are running for local seats … Floyd Brown, Jr. is running for the Board of Supervisors in District 1 and Leila Holmes is running for the District 2 School Board Seat.  We also have a special election for the County Treasurer, a Constitutional Officer position.  This is to fill the unexpired term of the retiring Treasurer, Jean Barker.


You are needed … to

  • Knock doors
  • Make phone calls
  • Donate Money
  • Donate Postage Stamps
  • Make snacks and meals for canvassers and phone bankers
  • Share the names of the candidates you are supporting with your friends, family, neighbors, church members, etc.

Want more information.  Contact Carol Dois Woodward on Messenger.

But wait!  There’s more …

The Prince George Democratic Democratic Committee hosts a Phone Bank every Tuesday night from 5 pm to 8 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building, Community Room, 6450 Administration Drive.  This Phone Bank supports the Coordinated Campaign including the HOD campaigns.  Come on by.  Give 2 or 3 hours. Or bring some soda pop, snacks or a casserole.


And more …

The Prince George Dems will hold their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, September 7 at 6 pm in the same room as above in the Human Services Building in the Prince George Government Complex, 6450 Administration Drive.  We have guest wifi, a refrigerator, microwave.  We can have a meeting and a party.

Again, friend and message Carol Dois Woodward on Messenger for more info.


100 days til the election …


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Good thing the PG Dems meet on Thursday night

Yes, the Prince George Dems will have their regular meeting on August 3, 2017, at 6 pm in the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, in the Prince George Government Complex.  We are expecting a number of the campaigns to be represented to update the Committee on the status of the race.

Colaw for the 64th event being planned for August 12

Rebecca Colaw

Rebecca S. Colaw

A day of action is being planned for the Colaw Campaign on August 12 which will include training, canvassing in some of our more walkable neighborhoods with Rebecca Colaw. She is also seeking input from Prince Georgians about issues in and for the County.  Carol Dois Woodward will be the contact point for the event on August 12 and she can be reached on Facebook, by Messenger, or by email at  So come meet the candidate on August 12, wear some comfy shoes, and help spread the word.


Prince George Special Election for Treasurer update

Susan Vargo is the only person, so far, who has filed for the Treasurer special election. The registrar’s office confirms that her filing has been certified and she will be on the ballot. Ms. Vargo currently works in the Treasurer’s office.  We have heard two filing deadline dates for this election … August 17 and August 18.  If in doubt file by the 17th.

PG Dems Booth at Prince George Back to School Fair

The PG Dems have a booth at the Prince George Back to School Fair to be held on August 24th, from 4 to 7 pm.  This is one of the largest community events in Prince 2014 Back to School Fair - 3rd (123) (1)George.  Last year over 1200 back packs filled with school supplies were distributed.  In addition there was a petting zoo, therapy dogs, snacks, children’s activities, and other enjoyable things were going on at the event.  At our booth we will not only have school supplies to put into the children’s bags, we will have any campaign literature provided to us and we will be located next to Rebecca Colaw’s booth.  We will need PG Dems to help manage the booth, perhaps register voters, and provide information on the Restoration of Rights (RoR).  We will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting on Thursday night.

What are the major issues facing Prince George County

Comment below.

Katherine Tyler speaks to Rotary


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Election updates:

Katherine Tyler, the Prince George County General Registrar, spoke to the Prince George

Katherine Tyler

Katherine Tyler

Rotary on July 12, sharing news about the upcoming election, change in the Jefferson Park Precinct voting place, and the coming of new voting machines.  If you would like to see her presentation go to our PGVA Dems Facebook page or to the Rotary Club of Prince George County Rotary page.


We did an extensive article on the upcoming election a few days ago, but updating from there, the candidate packets for the special election for the County Treasurer are now available with August 18 being the deadline for candidates to file for the office.  Katherine advises that one person, so far, has picked up a packet.

Katherine’s handouts:

first a caveat … the author’s scanner is inserting a blank page between each document. Apologies will try to get that fixed shortly.  There are only three pages of real documents.

2017 Prince George Election Materials

If you have any questions the Office of the General Registrar’s phone number is (804) 722-8748.


The Prince George Rotary meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 a.m. at Rosa’s Italian Restaurant, 4098 Oaklawn Blvd, Hopewell.  Please feel free to visit the weekly one-hour meeting.  Everyone orders from the menu so the cost is up to you.

Bill Gandel receiving PHF +6 Recognition


Congressman Scott’s Town Hall


I am writing to invite you to my upcoming Health Care Town Hall meeting in Suffolk. This is an opportunity to hear how the Republican leadership’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will affect you and your family.

Suffolk Health Care Town Hall

Monday, July 10, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.
King’s Fork Middle School
350 Kings Fork Road
Suffolk, Virginia 23434

Click here to RSVP.

If you need more information about this town hall, please contact my District Office at (757) 380-1000. I hope to see you on Monday, July 10th!

Very truly yours,

Member of Congress

P.S. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and sign up for future e-mail updates.

Kaine reps in Hopewell, July 13


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Hot off the press from our newsletter editor, Sharon Goertz

Next Thursday: Kaine Connects in Hopewell

Dear Friend,

On Thursday, July 13, my staff will host Kaine Connects office hours at the Hopewell Library. My staff will be available from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. I encourage you to RSVP by emailing, but walk-in appointments are also welcome.

Although I can’t be there in person, this is a terrific opportunity to get personalized and undivided attention from my staff.

Hopewell Library 
209 E Cawson Street
Hopewell, VA 23860
Thursday, July 13, 2017
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

For more information on upcoming Kaine Connects, click here.


Signature of Senator Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine


Strategies for the November election


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Challenges for rural campaigns:


Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Sheila-Bynum Coleman

Sheila Bynum-Coleman, the Democratic candidate for the 62nd Virginia House District, shared some of the strategies she is learning from the Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) and other organizations, about how to campaign effectively in rural or exurban districts.  Needless to say, religious communities can play a major role in this effort, directly or indirectly, congregations are fertile sources of voters and campaign volunteers.  How best to reach them?  Providing literature and speaking when allowed are terribly important musts for a campaign.


Rebecca S. Colaw, the Suffolk lawyer who is the Democratic candidate for the 64th Virginia House District, was on her way to the meeting when she was stalled by a massive traffic jam in a more populous area of the district.  The 64th covers about 80% of Prince George County in terms of territory and voters.  We tend to forget about the 64th because the current Republican incumbent did not make himself available to Democratic constituents.  Though we are on the northern fringe of the 64th, Prince George represents the second largest voting locality in the 64th.  Rebecca reported by phone that she and volunteers are planning on knocking on Prince George doors in late July.  She is also using Facebook extensively and asks that we like her page and share it with our friends and other pages.

At this point, Delegate Lashrecse Aird  (63rd Virginia House District) is unopposed, but she still needs the support of those in her district to continue her work on behalf of our Tri-Cities area.  She and Delegate Price (95th) are hosting a webinar on July 12th at 6:30 pm to discuss new laws which went into effect on July 1.  You must rsvp to attend the webinar at

Also in attendance were Floyd Brown, Jr. (“FJ”), candidate for District 1 Board of Supervisors, and Leila Holmes, Candidate for District 2, Prince George School Board.

Remember that all of our candidates need our support … donations, knocking on doors, sharing Facebook messages, texting, and or calling others on their behalf.

Carol Woodward is available to answer any questions about the recent meeting of the 4th Congressional District Committee on June 17.  It was a great first meeting of the reorganized 4th CDC.  We had a great time and were entirely inspired by Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, his recent primary opponent Tom Perriello, Senator Mark Warner, and our own 4th CD Congressman, Donald McEachin.


Some upcoming events to get on our calendar:

August 4 & 5 – Community event at Union Branch Baptist Church, Prince George

August 19 – Community Day in Hopewell

August 24 – Back to School Fair, Scott Park, Prince George

We may be able to have a booth at each of these events to register voters, sell our candles, and assist our candidates.

PG Dems Monthly Meeting, July 6


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We will have our regular meeting at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building in the 1st Floor Community Room. The address is 6450 Administration Drive (Bldg #12), in the PG Government Complex.

With statewide Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General races as well as, House of Delegates races it should be an exciting political year.  And we haven’t even mentioned the local Board of Supervisors, School Board races, and the special election for the Prince George Treasurer.  Come on.  You know you love it.  You are political junkies.  You can’t get enough of this stuff.

We hope to have one or more of the candidates for the House of Delegates at the meeting. Rebecca S. Cola (64th) has already indicated she plans to come unless some trial or another interferes.

Just saw a post on Facebook by Sheila Bynum-Coleman (62nd) that her yard signs are in.

Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd) and Sheila are checking out the move of the Jefferson Park Precinct to Middle Road.  Parking appears to be great. More later.



Got questions?