Strategies for the November election


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Challenges for rural campaigns:


Sheila Bynum-Coleman

Sheila-Bynum Coleman

Sheila Bynum-Coleman, the Democratic candidate for the 62nd Virginia House District, shared some of the strategies she is learning from the Rural Caucus of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) and other organizations, about how to campaign effectively in rural or exurban districts.  Needless to say, religious communities can play a major role in this effort, directly or indirectly, congregations are fertile sources of voters and campaign volunteers.  How best to reach them?  Providing literature and speaking when allowed are terribly important musts for a campaign.


Rebecca S. Colaw, the Suffolk lawyer who is the Democratic candidate for the 64th Virginia House District, was on her way to the meeting when she was stalled by a massive traffic jam in a more populous area of the district.  The 64th covers about 80% of Prince George County in terms of territory and voters.  We tend to forget about the 64th because the current Republican incumbent did not make himself available to Democratic constituents.  Though we are on the northern fringe of the 64th, Prince George represents the second largest voting locality in the 64th.  Rebecca reported by phone that she and volunteers are planning on knocking on Prince George doors in late July.  She is also using Facebook extensively and asks that we like her page and share it with our friends and other pages.

At this point, Delegate Lashrecse Aird  (63rd Virginia House District) is unopposed, but she still needs the support of those in her district to continue her work on behalf of our Tri-Cities area.  She and Delegate Price (95th) are hosting a webinar on July 12th at 6:30 pm to discuss new laws which went into effect on July 1.  You must rsvp to attend the webinar at

Also in attendance were Floyd Brown, Jr. (“FJ”), candidate for District 1 Board of Supervisors, and Leila Holmes, Candidate for District 2, Prince George School Board.

Remember that all of our candidates need our support … donations, knocking on doors, sharing Facebook messages, texting, and or calling others on their behalf.

Carol Woodward is available to answer any questions about the recent meeting of the 4th Congressional District Committee on June 17.  It was a great first meeting of the reorganized 4th CDC.  We had a great time and were entirely inspired by Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, his recent primary opponent Tom Perriello, Senator Mark Warner, and our own 4th CD Congressman, Donald McEachin.


Some upcoming events to get on our calendar:

August 4 & 5 – Community event at Union Branch Baptist Church, Prince George

August 19 – Community Day in Hopewell

August 24 – Back to School Fair, Scott Park, Prince George

We may be able to have a booth at each of these events to register voters, sell our candles, and assist our candidates.

PG Dems Monthly Meeting, July 6


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We will have our regular meeting at 6 pm at the Prince George Human Services Building in the 1st Floor Community Room. The address is 6450 Administration Drive (Bldg #12), in the PG Government Complex.

With statewide Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General races as well as, House of Delegates races it should be an exciting political year.  And we haven’t even mentioned the local Board of Supervisors, School Board races, and the special election for the Prince George Treasurer.  Come on.  You know you love it.  You are political junkies.  You can’t get enough of this stuff.

We hope to have one or more of the candidates for the House of Delegates at the meeting. Rebecca S. Cola (64th) has already indicated she plans to come unless some trial or another interferes.

Just saw a post on Facebook by Sheila Bynum-Coleman (62nd) that her yard signs are in.

Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd) and Sheila are checking out the move of the Jefferson Park Precinct to Middle Road.  Parking appears to be great. More later.



Got questions?

Prince George VA Local Candidate Lineup


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The General Election on November 7, 2017,  will be brimming with offices & candidates, both local, district, and state-wide.  This the first year of staggered term elections for the Prince George Board of Supervisors and for the School Board.  There will also be elections for the Virginia House of Delegates in all three of the districts that trisect Prince George County.  Additionally, there will be statewide races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and for Attorney General.  But wait, there’s more …

On November 7th, there will also be a special election to fill the seat of the Prince George Treasurer, as Jean Barker has announced that she will retire at the end of the year.  The Circuit Court set that date as the date of the special election.  Candidates must file for that seat by August 18 and Katherine Tyler, the Prince George Registrar, advises that the candidate packets will be available for pick-up soon.

Today we focus on the just the local regular general election and the list of candidates.



Floyd M. Brown Jr.
Joseph T. Wallace
Shayne Bridgman


FJ in Rotary Shirt

Floyd “FJ” M. Brown, Jr. 



W. A. “Bill” Robertson Jr.
William F. “Bill” Gandel
Marlene J. Waymack


Sharon Jadrnak & Robert E. L. Eley


Leila R. Holmes & Chris A. Johnson



There will be only one person elected for each district for the Board of Supervisors and for the School Board.

Floyd M. Brown, Jr. and Leila Holmes are members of the Prince George Democratic Committee.

Officially, School Board seats are non-partisan as to identification.







2017 Year of the Woman in Prince George


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Women candidates

Just realized that we have a number of women candidates in the general election this fall.

For the House of Delegate seats, Sheila Bynum Coleman (62nd) Lashrecse Aird (63rd), and Rebecca Colaw (64th) are all Democratic candidates for election or re-election to those seats. !!!  The Republican candidate for the 64th is also a woman.  I guess fairly soon we’ll have to tell our sons and grandsons, that, yes, they too can run for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Top left photo, Sheila Bynum-Coleman is on the right, second photo Lashrecse Aird on Primary night, and below Rebecca Colaw.

In other races,  Leila Holmes is running for the Prince George School Board from District 2 and on the 13th Marlene Waymack was circulating her petition to file for the Board of Supervisors from District 2.

More later.

June 13 Democratic Primary is history


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Congratulations to all of the candidates

Every Democrat who offered himself or herself as a candidate for the Democratic nomination is due respect from all of us.  We have no anointed or hereditary leaders. Diverse views and experience is what will continue to massage our party’s message and keep our efforts in tune with the needs of our citizens.

Congratulations to the statewide and local primary winners.

Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax are our nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively.  Mark Herring, our Attorney General, did not have a challenger in the primary.

As to the Virginia House District races affecting Prince George:

In the 62nd Sheila Bynum-Coleman was ultimately unchallenged.  She will be facing long-term Republican incumbent, Riley Ingram, in November.

The 63rd Virginia House District was handily captured by our current delegate in that district, Lashrecse Aird.  Her victory was decisive.

After Primary Victory

In the 64th, with three Democratic candidates, Rebecca S. Colaw, won the Democratic nomination.  Here race in November will be against another woman, Republican Emily Brewer.

Congratulations and thank you to our poll workers

Many voters had questions, particularly in the race for Lieutenant Governor, because that race had not received the attention of the Governor’s primary.   Many voters wanted the opinions of those of us who are actively engaged in the political process and knowledgeable about the qualifications and positions of the candidates.  Poll workers, you made a difference.  Thank you!

Prince George Dems Meet June 1


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Last meeting before the June 13 primary

Thursday, June 1, at 6 pm, the Prince George Dems will meet in its last gathering before the Democratic Primary on June 13.  The meeting is at the Prince George Human Services Building, 6450 Administration Drive, PG Government Complex in the 1st-floor meeting room.

On the agenda:

  • Hearing from any primary candidates present
    • John Wandling and Rebecca Colaw have indicated they are coming
  • Organizing volunteers for coverage at precincts
  • Selling our fundraising candles
    • Red, White & Blue                             Candles
    • Great for the 4th of July
    • $7 per candle
  • Remembering Democrat Bob Rose
  • Discussion of House of Delegates Candidates
    • 62nd – Sheila Bynum-Coleman
    • 63rd –  Lashrecse Aird & Gerry Rawlinson
    • 64th –  Jerry Cantrell, Rebecca Colaw, & John Wandling

Questions about the meeting.  Message Carol Dois Woodward




Prince George Democratic Caucus-April 29 to elect delegates to the 4th CD Convention

On Saturday, April 29, 2017,  from 11:30 am to 1:00 p.m., the Prince George Democratic Committee will hold an unassembled caucus at the Prince George Human Services Building, 1st Floor Community Room, 6450 Administration Drive, Prince George Government Complex for the purpose of electing 7 delegates and 2 alternates to the 4th Congressional District Convention to be held on May 20, 2017.

Those wishing to be considered for election to be a delegate or alternate to the 4th CD Convention from Prince George County must pre-file a candidacy form and mail, email, or hand-deliver the pre-filing form to either Cynthia Mitchell or Carol Woodward by 5 pm on Thursday, April 27th.  Either Ms. Mitchell or Ms. Woodward may be contacted to make special arrangements for delivering the pre-filing form by hand.

Cynthia Mitchell,

Carol Woodward,

Mailing Address:  Prince George Dems, PO BOX 2048, Prince George VA 23875.  The pre-filing forms must be in the mailbox by 5 pm on the 27th.  Postmark will not suffice.

If fewer than 9 people pre-file to be a delegate or an alternate, the caucus will be canceled and notice will be posted on the Committee’s website and on its facebook page

Voting will be held beginning at 11:30 am and will end at 1 pm.  Anyone wishing to vote must sign a voter participation form and be a qualified voter in Prince George County.

Prince George DEMOCRATIC CALL TO CAUCUS the 4th CD Caucus

PG Caucus Prefiling Form REV

62nd Virginia House District Caucus



The Virginia 62nd House District Nominating Committee (Nominating Committee) will hold an unassembled caucus on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  To learn more read the following documents regarding where and when the voting will be held in this unassembled caucus, the rules governing the caucus, and the candidates’  declaration forms. Continue reading